Natural Remedy For Low Testosterone

Natural Remedy For Low Testosterone – What You Should Know

So you’re going through a sudden case of Mondays, but that low energy and lack of motivation can be traced back to low testosterone levels.

Low testosterone is one of the most commonly overlooked problems in men. It starts with significant dips on the graph after age 50, and finally reaches a point where your body is no longer producing enough testosterone for you to function properly. Most doctors will prescribe medication, or direct you to surgery–but there are plenty of folk remedies that have proved effective in boosting levels naturally! They’re tried and true methods if you don’t want to take drastic measures just yet. Here are 10 natural ways you can boost your testosterone levels.

1. Eat better: A better diet is the easiest way to increase your testosterone levels, and it’s one that virtually everyone should be able to do. When men eat a low-fat, low-carbohydrate plan (which is often the case these days), they not only convert from being a sugar burner to a fat burner but also decrease their hormone production (testosterone and estrogen). Not only that, but they tend to lose muscle mass as well.

Don’t do this! Instead, switch to a high-protein diet. This is where you eat based on your daily calorie needs, making sure you are consuming the right amount of fat, carbs, and protein. But instead of being limited by straight weight loss (20-30lbs) as you might have been in the past, a high-protein diet can really help increase muscle mass through temporarily increased protein synthesis and more efficient metabolism. [natural remedy for low testosterone]

2. Loss of motivation: The problem with low testosterone is, when you have less of it, everything becomes harder. Sitting on the couch and walking upstairs suddenly becomes a challenge. So if you want to increase your testosterone levels, it’s important to find an exercise that you can actually do regularly.

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Strength training is essential for a healthy hormonal balance. It contains several anabolic hormones which can not only help boost testosterone levels but also increase lean muscle mass and burn fat. It also promotes positive moods like increased self-confidence and more energy!

3. Fatigue: Helping testosterone levels is all about the right mindset. You need to think about your goals, and how you are going to get there. One of the first signs of low testosterone is fatigue, so it’s important for you to believe that you are going to increase your T levels naturally. If you want it badly enough, your mindset alone will help boost your energy levels.

If that doesn’t work, set specific goals which focus on achieving a healthier lifestyle. By cutting down on junk food, sugar, and stimulants you are going to stay more active, and you will also lose weight. By exercising regularly, you will have more energy to start your workouts. Your goal should be to increase your testosterone levels naturally! [natural remedy for low testosterone]

4. Weight loss: Another great way of boosting testosterone levels is through weight loss! Many men put weight loss as the final goal of their transformation plan because a healthier lifestyle is linked with greater health, confidence, and leaner muscles. Losing weight improves circulation and even affects hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol. So by losing fat and muscle you are going to boost your testosterone levels! [natural remedy for low testosterone]

5. Sleep: Sleeping is one of the best ways to boost testosterone levels naturally. Adequate rest can be tough when you have a hard time waking up in the morning, but research shows that even a little sleep can help increase testosterone levels, and increase lean muscle mass during sleep. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep each night, and don’t skimp on naps in between!

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6. Punching bag/boxing: Many of the negative side-effects of low testosterone can be traced to stress. You can surely avoid them all by taking a punching bag out to the woods and punching it for at least 20 minutes! Sweating out your frustration not only gets rid of T-inhibitors, but it also helps you burn a few extra calories. Don’t have a punching bag at home? Buy one! [natural remedy for low testosterone]

7. Homemade fat burner: This is a great way to boost testosterone naturally. Let’s face it, we live in an age where fat burners are often seen as the bodybuilding community’s favorite drug–with little regard for the negative side effects. Excessive fat loss is just when fat burners are most likely to cause thyroid problems.

However, there is a way of making your own fat burner using safe ingredients that you can find in the kitchen. You could try mixing two teaspoons of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of cinnamon with either almond milk or water and drink it before your workout to kickstart your metabolism. [natural remedy for low testosterone]

8. Liver detox: Because of the way it works, most people are unaware that the liver is a major producer of testosterone. It’s also the most important organ in your body for limiting estrogen and estradiol production. Liver detoxification is essential to help boost testosterone levels naturally. That’s because it helps eliminate excess estrogen and allows you to increase your T levels through increased production.

The best way to prepare for liver detox is to give your body a few days to purge itself of toxins. This will allow you to start off with a clean slate when you start taking more liver-supporting foods on a regular basis! [natural remedy for low testosterone]

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9. Exercise: Exercise has long been reported to increase testosterone levels through a number of different mechanisms. As discussed, exercise can lead to weight loss and increased metabolism. It also boosts immunity and muscle strength, so it’s great for building muscle. What’s more, exercise helps relieve depression, anger, anxiety, and fatigue.

The reason that exercise works so well is because of the way it affects your endocrine system. When you exercise you are working out every single cellular receptor in your entire body. The endocrine system is the network of hormones that run throughout the body which control everything from mood to metabolism (and everything in between). [natural remedy for low testosterone]

10. E-book: “24 Hour Testosterone Fix” by Anthony Alayon & Mike Westerdal, is a great one. It’s sold online and can be downloaded in PDF format. I highly recommend you read this if you want to increase your testosterone levels naturally. Click the image below to take a look at it.

Natural Remedy For Low Testosterone

I hope these tips help you boost your testosterone levels and get you feeling like the man you were 20 years ago.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be used instead of or contrary to that of a medical professional. Before taking supplements, starting a new diet, or embarking on a new exercise regime please consult a medical or nutritional professional. The owners of “Getting Healthy After 50” are not medical professionals and are simply redistributing information that is freely available on the internet. 

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