Car Insurance Over 50. Save $300 On Car Insurance By Taking Online Driver Course


If you’re 50-years-old, and you drive a car and you’re looking for car insurance over 50. You should be able to save close to $ 300. Geico has a driving discount. If you take a course online for defensive driving if you’re 50 years or older, go to Google and plugin “Geico safe driver discount” or if you have another insurance company just plugin that name and inside safe driver discount and see what shows up if you do it for Geico this is what happens.

Car Insurance Over 50-The Procedure

Go to Geico and this is all about their safe driving discount. If you take a test and a course online, and I’m going to show you what the course is when you go to Geico you’re going to be asked what state you’re in. I’m from Wisconsin, So when I plugin Wisconsin, there are different companies that provide online courses and I picked the cheapest one. Obviously, if you know me, this was like $12.50  Before I did it, I verified with Geico that they would give me a 10 % discount for the next three years.

It’s close to $ 1,000 a year here in Wisconsin. We have a lot of uninsured drivers here. So it’s quite high here. So this course will save me $ 300 over the next year’s and when you take the course online, so this is the cost that was $ 12.50.

The other ones were about double the price. Your mileage may vary when you start taking the course. It’S divided up into six parts talks about traffic crashes, crash prevention, DUI prevention, safety equipment, psychological physiological factors affecting drivers, and the Florida traffic laws. Each different model is part of the test. They attribute 40 minutes to it.

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If you take longer, don’t worry like one of these, this particular one. I was busy with some other things, so it took me longer than 40 minutes now after each one of the parts of the test, you do have some questions and when you get down to the very end when you finish, you have 40 questions.

I missed one Out of 40 now if you’re doing the test – and you finish it quicker than 40 – it doesn’t allow you to proceed to the next one until 40 minutes is up, so this will take a while for your computer. You may spend, like me, like maybe 10 minutes, on each one of the little different parts, in the quiz and once you do that, you see how many questions you missed. If you miss too many, I don’t know if they pass you or not, but the test is pretty easy.

When you’re done, you could print out a certificate, it says to contact Geico to send in the information, but I called them and they said they had the information and they didn’t need me to send anything. So this is a pretty straightforward deal. Usually, when you find something on the internet, where you get money, you’ve got to jump through a bunch of Hoops and there are loopholes, and it’s not really what it turned out to be. This is gonna save me 300 bucks. This is real money.

You have to have a car and you have to have insurance. This will take 10% off plus I learned stuff, taking the course that I had forgotten through years of driving. So I’m actually glad I took the course. So if you’re 50 years or older you might want to check this out, if you have insurance, look through google for your insurance company and see what is happening with their driving test and if it has discounts. 

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