How To Deal With Severe Lower Back Pain

How To Deal With Severe Lower Back Pain – Here’s What You Need To Know

In this blog post, you will be exposed to what causes lower back pain and some of the ways that people can relieve it. You will also learn more about some of the strains of lower back pain, such as sciatica.

There are many causes of lower back pain including muscle strain, sprain, ligament tear–even injury from a fall. It is important to have the proper diagnosis in order to determine if any treatment is appropriate. The most common treatment for mild-to-moderate lower back pain includes rest and non-medication options like stretching exercises. For more severe pain, a short course of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen or naproxen) may be sufficient to provide pain relief.

There are many different types of lower back pain. Two of the most common causes include lower back strain and sciatica. Lower back strains occur when the ligaments in the spine are stretched or torn. Lower back sprains occur when the ligaments in the spine are overstretched. These types of lower back pain can usually be treated with stretching exercises, hot packs, and rest.

Sciatic pain is a different type of lower back pain in which there is a problem with the sciatic nerve that runs from the back to the leg. The sciatic nerve can become pinched or irritated due to an injury or if it is stretched suddenly and too far. In some cases, this can cause numbness, tingling, or even sharp pains that travel down one side of the leg. This type of back pain is sometimes treated with anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, and rest.

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How To Deal With Severe Lower Back Pain – Lower Back Pain Treatment And Prevention Tips. 

Physical therapy is the most effective treatment for back pain. The idea of physical therapy is to rehabilitate your body in order to help you strengthen your muscles and lower back. Exercises include stretching, stomach exercises, and back strengthening exercises. It is really important that you do not do this on your own, as it can be very dangerous if you hurt yourself while exercising. So even though it hurts to go to physical therapy in the beginning, it will start to feel better in a few minutes after they start working with you on your problem area.

If you have lower back pain and you are pregnant, you should take things very slowly. If you do run up against a wall of pain when exercising, it is best to stop and rest. It’s not good to strain the muscles and ligaments before the baby is born. The best thing to do if you start having symptoms early in pregnancy is to go to your doctor’s office or a medical clinic as soon as possible and get checked out.

If there is no surgery involved, after pregnancy the best thing for your lower back pain is physical therapy. You will need to get a program from your physical therapist if you have pain after pregnancy.

Inactivity causes low-back pain. Research presented at the American Pain Society meeting in 2008 found that back pain sufferers who increased the amount of exercise they did were more likely to report feeling better and less likely to report feeling worse at follow-up sessions.

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How To Deal With Severe Lower Back Pain

Lower back exercises:

Lower back stretching exercises. Here are a couple more exercises you can try besides the ones in the video above:

Cobra Stretch – Lie face down on the floor, hands under shoulders palms facing down, head resting on the floor with chin resting on the chest. Push up towards ceiling lifting arms and arching back.

Hip stretch – Lie on back, legs straight, arms at sides. Slowly draw in the right knee to chest keeping in a straight line with the body. Keep your right leg extended as you slowly draw it towards the floor; bearing down briefly on the knee if necessary. This stretches muscles and ligaments.

The video we used above is a great way to stretch out your back. I really enjoy Dr. Rowe’s videos. He really explains things well. I recommend you check out his youtube channel. He has some awesome videos.




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