What Is Thermography For Breast Screening


What Is Thermography For Breast Screening

Thermography is a screening test that uses heat to detect cancerous tumors in the breast. The exam will use thermal imaging technology to see patterns with a short period of time and it will detect any abnormality in the body.

How Does It Work?
The process starts by taking an X-ray or mammogram of the woman’s breasts, which is followed by a low-intensity thermal imaging scan. This scanning process reveals the heat energy within cells and tissues that can be seen in these images with cooler colors representing higher temperatures.

Thermography for Breast Screening Benefits

Thermography for breast screening is very convenient for their patients. There’s no preparation needed, and someone else doesn’t have to interpret the images since the equipment does it automatically. It can also help women identify changes and issues early on, which means a possible cure can be found early enough.

Thermography for Breast Screening Risks

This technology can cause false positives or false negatives since most cancers start off cold and grow warm over time. These issues could lead to misdiagnosis or missed opportunities for treatment leading to an increase in cancer mortality rate. This could also lead to repeated examinations and expenses that could be avoided with more reliable technology.

What Is Thermography For Breast Screening

Thermography for Breast Screening Test Costs

The test costs around $250 for a single scan, but it is covered by insurance in most cases. The cost of the images will vary depending on which technician or facility is used. Additional scans are usually cheaper than the initial one since there is no need for additional imaging or X-rays before the test. Some facilities perform both a thermogram and an ultrasound at the same time for about $150-$200, which can save up to 50% compared to having them done separately.

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Thermography for Breast Screening Common Questions

At what age should a thermogram for breast screening be performed?

Thermograms for breast screening should be performed at 40 years old since women starting this test are at a higher risk of breast cancer. If there is no change in the texture of the breasts firsthand, then either mammograms or thermography should be used. Since these devices have different levels of sensitivity and specificity, each exam should be considered separately.

How often will you get another thermogram for breast screening?

You will probably get one every 3 to 5 years depending on your personal risk factors like family history and lifestyle habits.

When should you get a mammogram?

If you’ve had a thermogram for breast screening, your next mammogram should be done within three to five years as the results can reveal additional issues that require further treatment.

What are the advantages of using thermography for breast screening?

The advantages of using thermography are the fact that it is painless and there’s no need to wait for an appointment at a doctor’s office. It also takes up very little time and effort so if someone has been waiting for an exam, then they won’t have to worry about missing work or school. Any woman who doesn’t have a doctor’s appointment should consider using these machines since it’s very convenient for those who live alone.

How accurate is thermography for breast screening?

While thermography for breast screening is not as precise or exact as mammograms, it can still pick up abnormalities that could lead to cancer and early treatment. Any woman who has had a mammogram but hasn’t experienced any symptoms yet should consider this test since it could help identify the early sign of the disease and get it into fine-tuned therapeutic protocols.

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When should a thermogram for breast screening be performed?

If you’ve had a mammogram that turned out to be normal, then you should get a thermogram for breast screening as early as the next year. This will give you peace of mind if the results are negative because there is no need to worry about cancer anymore.

When should thermography for breast screening not be used?

There are some diseases that could prevent somebody from using thermography for breast screening, like hypothyroidism or other disorders that would cause inaccuracies in the results. Women who have had abdominal surgeries or radiation treatments in the past five years will also need to wait before they can use these devices again.

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