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Best Beginners Yoga DVD-The Yoga Burn Challenge

Is it really possible there’s a super simple yoga challenge you can do from the comfort of your own home to shape and tone your body de-stress and relieve tension, manage your weight, gain flexibility, boost immunity and, overall, just be a happier healthier, more vibrant person? The answer is yes: hi, I’m Zoe Bray-Cotton, certified yoga, instructor, personal trainer, and female body transformation specialist and, in today’s short presentation, you’ll discover an exciting little yoga challenge. You can try designed to help boost metabolism, tighten and flatten your stomach all while shaping and toning. Your whole body and delivering the all-coveted yoga booty this super easy-to-follow yoga challenge can help you get into great shape while allowing you to finally experience the incredible feel-good energy stress, relieving, and health benefits. True yoga can deliver, and one of the best parts of all is that you can do it right from the comfort of your own home.

Whenever you feel like you could use an emotional, mental or metabolic boost to your day, just like the thousands of women who are now taking part in this fun and exciting little yoga challenge. After watching this video – and I must say, I’m incredibly excited to walk you through exactly how to use this little yoga secret for yourself in the next few minutes. However, in order for it to work, you’re going to have to avoid three common yoga mistakes, women are all too often and unknowingly, making that can be directly responsible for injury, stress, and even weight gain in female problem areas. And although you may find these mistakes completely shocking, when you see what they are, I feel utterly compelled to share them with you, because I see way too many women falling victim to them. Every single day you see, I specialize in helping women get the very best out of what yoga has to offer, and I’m hoping that making this short video will mean that moving forward, you won’t become yet another victim to any of these results, sabotaging mistakes, and if That’S the case: it’s all been worthwhile and rewarding.

For me, the good news is just avoiding these three common mistakes and, following my super, simple little yoga tip I’ll, be sharing. Will have you immediately on your way to achieving positive, healthy, and noticeable body toning results? My name is Zoe bray, cotton and, while I’m an internationally certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, I wasn’t always helping women across the world, reshape their bodies, increase their metabolism, and experience all the benefits yoga has to offer. In fact, for many years I was struggling with my own self-image and personal happiness until I learned how to avoid the three big yoga mistakes that you’re about to see. Learning the powerful tips we’re about to dive into was by far the most valuable part of my yoga journey and has been a cornerstone for helping.

So many other women have watched this video. This is why I urge you to pay close attention to what I’m about to share and don’t worry if you’re, one of the millions of women that have fallen victim to any of these common mistakes, you’re definitely not alone, and the good news is they’re easily avoidable. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it. Mistake number one relying solely on generic yoga classes, your average yoga class at the local gym or yoga studio has to accommodate everybody to stay in business. That means that every class is a mix of men and women.

Young and old, at all different levels of experience and physical capabilities, so a young woman who’s been practicing yoga for years, is doing the same class designed for a 65-year-old man who’s there. For the first time, that’s like a college graduate taking a third grade. Math class and expecting to see progress and the opposite is also true because yoga classes have to cater to the average. Many people are in over their heads and doing poses that they aren’t even close to ready, for this not only leads to a lack of results and frustration, but it can be dangerous and late to painful injuries, which studies show yoga has become all too well known. For and because of yoga’s booming popularity, many yoga teachers these days become instructors with very minimal training or qualifications, which is a recipe for such disasters.

Call me crazy, but i don’t you want to be wasting your valuable time or risking a painful injury. If you don’t have to the truth, is the best way for you to see noticeable and consistent results from yoga is by performing sequences and poses that are uniquely tailored to you as a woman, your flexibility, your physical capabilities, your experience, and your goals and you’ll see My super simple tip for accomplishing this in just a few moments now mistake number two thinking that all yoga classes will de-stress and relax you. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth before we dive into this. Let me quickly talk to you about a very important hormone in your body that you may or may not have heard of cortisol is known as the stress hormone, and, to put it simply, when you experience stress your cortisol levels go up and when you’re fully Relaxed your cortisol levels go down. Why is this important?

Well, as cortisol rises, your body tends to store fat in problem areas like the hips, butt, and thighs. That’S right, the more stressed out. You are the more likely you are to gain weight in these specific areas but can’t yoga help reduce stress-absolutely the problem isn’t yoga itself, but everything that goes along with going to most yoga classes. You see, studies show attending mainstream yoga classes can actually produce more of the fat, storing stress hormone cortisol than not going at all rushing to get to class fighting for a spot for your mat worrying about if you’re doing the moves correctly or, if you’re being judged By the instructor or what guy’s head is up to your you-know-what or even how you look in your clothes, it’s okay, I do this too. All of these things can unknowingly contribute to raising your cortisol, along with your chances of gaining weight, not good.

In order to experience the cortisol lowering stress, reducing booty, tightening, and body reshaping results, yoga can offer you need a truly stress-free yoga experience. Free of the common worries we just talked about. The women taking generic classes are faced with every day. All of this brings us to the most important and results-crushing mistake of all mistake. Number three: a lack of progression, because a generic yoga class has no idea where you are at the class is the same week after week.

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Maybe the poses change randomly, but there’s no way of building on the last time, because the entire group may be different, so you’re stuck doing the same thing class after class week after week, and that ladies, is pretty much the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing. Over and over and expecting different results, remember that example of the college graduate I gave you before well now, instead of taking one-third grade, math class she’s, taking that third-grade math class year after year after year and expecting to get smarter, the reality is any Successful health or fitness program always includes progression and adaptation from week to week and month to month. This is tried proven and undeniable, and this is especially true and vitally important with yoga an approach to yoga that takes into account exactly where you’re starting from and builds along with. You are the absolute best way to achieve amazing health, happiness, and body shaping results week.

After a week of yoga, can you imagine how much faster and easier you experience? All of the true benefits yoga has to offer when every single pose and sequence you’re doing, builds upon the last and is strategically designed for you as a woman. Taking into account your experience, flexibility, and goals, can you picture how much more tone tighter and sexier? You look and feel when you’re progressing day after day week after week because you’re finally doing yoga that’s tailored specifically for you. Well, the good news is there’s a way of doing yoga that accomplishes all of this.

While de-stressing you completely and putting you in a state of true relaxation along with so much more and it’s called dynamic, sequencing, dynamic sequencing is a way of doing exactly the right pose for the right amount of time in the right sequence to perfectly challenging your body. Without pushing too far so that you get the most out of every single time, you do yoga, I consider dynamic sequencing the key to experiencing the full power of yoga. That’S probably been locked away from you for years, and I’ve got great news for you. Finally, there’s a breakthrough: a step-by-step yoga challenge structured around the power of dynamic sequencing designed to deliver women, the most enjoyable progressive and results-driven yoga experience possible. I’d like to introduce you to yoga burn the truly progressive metabolism-boosting, booty-tightening follow-along body-shaping yoga system designed exclusively for women.

Yoga burn is for you, even if you’re an absolute beginner feel like you, have no flexibility at all, or even if you’re, an advanced yoga junkie. That has tried every yoga class offered today. Now, let me tell you what yoga burn is not just so we’re clear. Yoga burn is not some hippie-dippy yoga class that promises you the wisdom of the ancients and delivers nothing but boring breathing exercises with no physical results, and it’s definitely not some fat yoga. Dvd that has you doing the same generic half-hour routine over and over until your hair falls out.

No, you don’t need another under-delivering generic mainstream approach to yoga designed for everyone that often works for no one. It’s time for an approach to yoga. That was truly designed for you as a woman when the full power of yoga is finally unlocked for you using the unique strategies of dynamic sequencing. You can expect to finally see the very best of all. The amazing benefits that true yoga can deliver dramatically.

Increased flexibility and relief of tight muscle aches and soreness a rejuvenating feeling of being truly centered, along with the unparalleled clarity and focus you need for success in your busy life and relationships, and an overall happier healthier more positive, and vibrant outlook on life. Oh and that’s not all you see I’ve leveraged my over 10 years of personal training experience in designing this program for you, so that yoga burn can naturally deliver you near-effortless weight management without any restrictive, dieting or cardio, along with a sexiet all revered yoga booty. While shaping tightening and toning your entire body, all without ever having to step foot in a gym, yoga burn, is super easy to follow. Progressive 12-week, follow-along yoga challenge that you can do from the comfort of your own home so that you can experience everything. The very best yoga has to offer and a lot of lot more here’s a glimpse at how it works.

The main yoga burn system is strategically built into three unique phases and before we get into what these three unique phases are all about, I want you to know that, if you’re a beginner or intermediate to yoga that I’ve totally designed yoga burn with you in mind From the very start, to finish, it’s super important to me to make sure you’re completely comfortable and truly enjoy every aspect of the program and, as you’ll see, I’ve gone the extra mile to ensure this is the case. I promise I’ve got you covered I’ll, be providing you with access to over 20 in-depth, step-by-step educational pose tutorials so that I can teach you how to properly execute each and every move you’ll encounter with yoga burn. Also, along with this video library of detailed, pose tutorials i’ll, be providing you with a fun enjoyable, quick, start class in addition to the main program, so that you can ease your way into the main system at your own pace. Okay, now it’s time to dive into what phase one of yoga burn is all about phase one is called the foundational flow, because that’s exactly what you’ll be building and perfecting a super, solid yoga foundation that allows you to immediately experience the most powerful benefits yoga has To offer by using this strategic, enjoyable yet somewhat uncommon, set of sequences, you’ll also be introduced to new unique poses specifically designed to ignite metabolism and begin tightening problem areas. You’Ll be handheld through every sequence so that you execute every move safely correctly and in a specific way that promotes a sense of well-being and develops a strong mind-body connection that will help ensure your success in phases.

Two and three-phase two is called the transitional flow and is dedicated to maximizing all of the feel-good benefits traditional yoga can offer while introducing revolutionary body shaping strategies taught exclusively in yoga burn. You’Ll combine certain moves. You learned in phase 1 into specific sequences that flood your body with mood, enhancing, feel-good energy. Then you’ll transition into poses designed to tighten and tone female problem areas resulting in a body that not only feels better but looks better too learning how to link poses together, like this is the secret to reaping the lightning-fast rewards, dynamic sequencing can deliver and now phase 3, the mastery flow. This is where the magic really seems to happen with yoga burn.

It’s time to combine all that. You’Ve learned from the past two phases into sequences that fully fire up your metabolism tighten and tone your booty and transform your body in ways. You probably have never imagined it possible with yoga. Every movement in this phase is custom-designed to deliver maximum visual results in the shortest amount of time, and the best part is you can experience all of this while de-stressing your life, improving your mental focus, easing chronic pain and muscle, soreness skyrocketing your happiness and reinvigorating Your life now look before we go any further. It’s important for me to be 100, honest, and upfront with you.

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If you’re expecting some kind of hair, brained yoga fad or some paid Hollywood celebrities, gimmicky DVD, or even just a program that promises results without ever having to get off the couch, then yoga burn is not for you. Yoga burn is only for women who are ready to put down the gimmick, answers, and generic repetitive classes in order to follow a strategic, progressive approach to yoga that has been tried, tested, and proven to deliver results. So if you want a faster metabolism, a tight tone, yoga booty, and a body that feels as sexy as it looks all while experiencing the best emotional, mental, and physical health benefits traditional yoga has to offer. Then yoga burn isn’t just a system for you. It’s the only system for you now at this point you may be starting to wonder if a yoga system that can deliver all of this is going to be expensive and who can blame you as a yoga instructor and certified personal trainer.

I see people in health clubs constantly paying hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for coaching that doesn’t even deliver a fraction of the results that you should expect yoga burn to. So it’s only natural to think this one-of-a-kind system may cost a pretty penny. However, I’m not some billion-dollar health club chain trying to rack up profits, hand over fist, I’m just a girl. That knows and has seen firsthand all the amazing things yoga burn can do for women, which is why I wanted to make sure that this system could help as many women as possible without cost getting in the way. So don’t worry I’ll get to the price.

In just a moment, first, i need to make you aware of something you’re, not just receiving yoga burn today, nope just for watching today’s presentation, i’m going to give you absolutely free of charge for special bonuses when you get started with yoga burn today, which have a Combined value of 247 dollars that are designed to deliver you results from yoga burn even faster, while enhancing the ease and enjoyment of your overall experience with the system. I think you’re really going to love them. Today’S first free bonus, you’re receiving, is called the yoga burn. Follow along audio classes, so you can experience all the benefits of yoga burn, even when you’re on the go. These audio classes are the perfect complement to the main yoga burn program because they give you the flexibility and motivation to follow the program in a way that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

As long as you have a smartphone mobile device or iPod, you can just pop in your earbuds and have me walk you step by step through anybody. Shaping a sequence of yoga burn that you want you’ll never have to miss out on another chance to start experiencing. All of the amazing benefits yoga burn has to offer as long as you have this incredible convenient bonus and it’s 100 free for you today so that I’m with you every step of the way to help ensure your success. The second bonus you’ll be receiving today is called the tranquility flow. This is a very special unique set of sequences and poses designed specifically to act as a real-life reset button.

For any time, you need immediate relief of the stress that comes along with your busy on-the-go life, whether it’s work or financial, stress or especially, family and relationship. Stress, that’s wearing you down, so many yoga burn users consider this totally unique product, an absolute lifesaver and you’re going to receive it 100 free. When you get started with yoga burn today, now on to the third free bonus you’ll be receiving today, it’s called immersion. Immersion is a totally unique one-of-a-kind fitness experience for women immersion is a community of thousands of real women that are either starting their own transformations or may have been where you are right now before they found the real answers to firming up and shaping their bodies. Like-Minded women are always there to answer your questions and share support for you during every step of your transformation.

It’s also a community where you’re able to receive individual help attend coaching calls and much much more as you’ll see to ensure your fastest and easiest results possible within the immersion. Amazing friendships seem to blossom every week as a result of the incredible positivity and support fueling. This wonderful community, I think, you’re really going to love it, and finally, i’ve saved today’s fourth bonus for last because it’s something so incredibly special. It’S truly what you’d have to call a super bonus, I’m very proud and excited to introduce you to yoga burn monthly. I poured my heart and soul into creating yoga burn monthly, with the goal of helping you master each of the amazingly unique and breathtakingly beautiful styles of yoga.

This wonderfully fun and dynamic follow-along DVD series is designed to deliver you so much more than any traditional yoga class ever could and it’s personal pride and joy of mine because of how super well-rounded, thorough and true to traditional yoga. It is in this special bonus DVD series. We concentrate on mastering major styles of yoga, including restorative hatha, kundalini, ashtanga, vinyasa, and Iyengar, with my major focus being on teaching you how to maximize the life-changing benefits. Each of these fascinating styles of yoga can deliver you’ll. Not only know how to masterfully execute each major style of yoga, but I’ll get you to a place where you can naturally feel what style of yoga is best for you, depending on your personal needs, at various points in your life and ultimately, I’m going to get You to a place where you yourself can share and pass along yoga expertise to other people you care about, so that they may also be able to experience the tremendously positive effects.

True yoga brings to one’s life and, as a special gift from me to you, I’d like to send you a copy of yoga burn monthly for free when you get started with yoga burn today, so that you can see for yourself how valuable and life-changing this DVD Series can be now as crazy as this sounds. The price of the entire yoga burn system, plus the four special bonuses you’re receiving today, isn’t even a fraction of what you’d pay for a month worth of one-on-one coaching with a yoga instructor or personal trainer. Actually, it’s not even a fraction of what you’d pay for a single week of private lessons. The entire yoga burn system, along with the follow-along audio classes, the tranquility flow immersion, and yoga burn monthly, can be yours for just a one-time single, secure payment of only 67. Now, I’m sure, you’ll agree.

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This offer is an unbelievable value and you’re probably ready to get started. However, before you do because you’ve proven to me how serious you are about making a healthy positive change in your life with yoga burn – or you wouldn’t have watched this far, I’m going to extend you a special thanks by reducing today’s already incredibly low price of sixty. Seven dollars that includes everything you’ve seen so far even further today, exclusively on this special web page you’re, going to get immediate access to everything, including the yoga burn system, the convenient follow along with audio classes, the stress, squashing, tranquility flow immersion and yoga burn monthly. For a one-time single, secure payment of only 37 now, if you’re stunned because you realize this tiny investment for everything – is now less than a single session with a yoga instructor or personal trainer and way less than even a pair of yoga pants. These days hold on a second because I’m not quite done, because i believe so strongly that you’ll feel and see amazing life-enhancing results with yoga burn, like so many real women already.

Have i like to take things a step further and offer you an ironclad. 100 satisfaction or your money-back guarantee, if you don’t experience the most enjoyable yoga journey that produces real results, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before or if you’re unhappy in any way whatsoever, i mean even if it’s because you don’t like my outfits or something silly like That, then, simply send me an email anytime in the next 60 days and I’ll promptly issue you a 100 refund. I want to completely protect you with this. No questions asked 100 money-back guarantees now. Does that sound, fair enough great get immediate access to everything, including yoga burn, the follow-along audio classes, the tranquility flow immersion and a copy of yoga burn monthly 100 risk-free by clicking the add to cart button below right now to get started?

That’S right have the complete physical collection of yoga burns, sent right to your doorstep, plus gain access to the completely green digital version of yoga burn, that’s immediately accessible and compatible with any smartphone tablet, or computer so that you can begin experiencing all of the yoga burns. Amazing benefits in literally just seconds from now all for just 37 plus shipping and handling. When you take advantage of this limited-time offer – or do you have a girlfriend family, member or someone, you just know – would love the gift of being able to experience the yoga burn journey alongside you or even on their own? Well, if so, I think you’re really going to love this special opportunity offers i have for you today. You can choose to have two complete physical collections of the yoga burn system, plus all the bonus collections sent right to your home for a one-time, hugely discounted, secure payment of only 57.

I want to make sure you’re aware of this special offer in case you’re. A bergen hunter like I remember, the yoga you’ve been doing up until now hasn’t really had much chance of delivering you all the results you desire, and now you know why, and now you can see that continuing to fall into these common mistakes will at best Only lead to wasting your time and spinning your wheels or worse, it could lead to painful injury or even weight gain in female problem areas. None of this is what I want for you, and I know this is not what you desire for yourself. Instead, follow in the footsteps of hundreds of women who have come before, you save yourself, the time, effort, hassle, and aggravation that goes hand in hand with attending generic overcrowded under-delivering yoga classes that are more likely to increase your stress levels than reduce them. Just imagine how great it feels to know that you’re finally experiencing all of the true health and wellness benefits of yoga for the first time in your life and you’re, doing so from the comfort of your very own home, at your very own pace and on your Schedule without ever feeling rushed self-conscious, stressed or judged.

Instead, you can look and feel calm and peaceful, yet also so much more alive, vibrant, healthy, and full of energy. It’s time to make this your reality, click the add to cart button below right now, and i can’t wait to see you on the inside. I’ve lost I’d, say 10 pounds, maybe more. I know I’ve gained a lot of muscle. I can actually feel my ab muscles now, where I never had them before.

I had my husband feeling them the other day, I’m like look feel [ Music ]. It’S just a great way to start your day, it’s a great way to end your day, and if you follow the program, you will succeed and you will see results. It’S made me just feel more sexy, even because I’m fitting into the clothes people have commented on. You know how good I look. I’ve lost two dress sizes.

I’ve gained a lot of confidence, I’m much calmer overall and my blood pressure went down and my doctor’s thrill. She said whatever you’re doing, keep doing it because your blood pressure’s really down early on, I got such great results really fast, which is what is a great motivator. I really do see a difference in the shape of my body and it’s nice to see and see quickly. You know within the first couple of weeks, even I can feel that I’m getting stronger, I can feel I’m getting more flexible. I feel I’m standing taller and I feel I feel so much better and healthier in myself and because I can see the difference that gets me on the mat every day.

My body has changed drastically in those 12 weeks. It’S amazing how much you tone up. I mean my husband was even like. You must really like this. I’m like yes, I love it, take the leap and just do it and make this change, and your life and you’ll be so happy that you did.


Best Beginners Yoga DVD-Get The Yoga Burn Challenge Below

Best Beginners Yoga DVD


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