Ways To Help Stop Snoring

Ways To Help Stop Snoring

This article will explain why people that are past 50 snores more and why it could be a problem, as well as ways that help people stop snoring.

So often, those of us who are past fifty years old find ourselves trying to find ways to deal with our sleep apnea. We become so tired of the noise made by snoring that it’s hard for us to get any restful sleep. This can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, and other health-related issues. Sometimes the noise is worse at night when we’re trying to concentrate on sleeping without interruptions, while others tend not to be bothered much during the day because they claim they sleep like logs during those hours of the day.

The most common causes of snoring are:

1) Obstructive sleep apnea. As a person ages, the small airways in the nose and mouth open up more. That gives way more room for the tongue to constantly move. What’s so funny about this is that these same small airways in our noses and mouths are like little valves that need to open up just enough to let air pass through. When they don’t open up enough all the time, then we get stuck with tons of unruled air pressure trapped in our bodies during sleep time.

So we have chunks of your own breathing going on during your sleep time with no way out and it needs to be changed. The excess air pressure tends to vibrate the vocal cords and makes the snoring a lot worse. This is why some people actually wake themselves up from sleep just to catch their breath. The only way to correct this problem is to get fitted with a breathing machine that pushes extra oxygen into your throat while you sleep. That helps a lot of times but it can also be very expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance coverage.

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Ways To Help Stop Snoring

2) Fluctuating hormones due to menopause in females and testosterone loss in older men can cause snoring too. The estrogen also causes swelling of the tissues surrounding the tongue, which causes it to flap more when we’re trying to breathe during our sleep time.

3) Alcohol consumption can make the tissues surrounding the tongue swell even more and cause snoring. Heavy drinkers tend to snore a lot louder than those who drink just a little bit. Usually, the more you drink, the better your chances of snoring. So it’s better not to drink too much alcohol at all if you want to help stop snoring.

The best way to help stop snoring is by using special anti-snore pillows or dental devices that stimulate your jaw muscles so that they don’t fall asleep while you’re trying to sleep. You can also try for nasal breathing while you sleep by working out exercises to help your muscles around the nose and mouth open up. These are very helpful if you have this problem and they really work well.

Other things that could help stop snoring are:

1) Botox is great when it comes to helping your jaw muscles stay awake during sleep times. This is an injection that provides temporary relief from a muscle weakening problem called “jaw-clenching.” It’s like a drug that helps relax those muscles in order to stop snoring. There really aren’t any side effects at all.

2) You can get a chin implant that will also help stop snoring. It helps keep the jaw muscles from relaxing too much by replacing your idea of what a normal jaw should look like with one that is properly sized.

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3) Another very helpful way to stop snoring is by using dental devices like splints or mouth guards, which are clinically proven to work. These devices work by keeping the jaw muscles from relaxing and loosening up so that you don’t snore as much. So if you have this problem, then it’s probably still best to consult with your doctor before trying any of these methods because they’re not guaranteed to work every time.

4) The mouth guard is a nice idea as well. It’s actually made out of very thin plastic and it rests just under the top lip. It can be made to look like a small piece of gum or it can even have fake teeth but that will also depend on the color that you want for your teeth. This kind of device is relatively inexpensive and it’s proven to work on most people who already have this problem.

5) Sometimes a snoring problem could be caused by the tongue, so you really should consult with your dentist about his opinions, too. But many dentists are seeing more and more cases where the tongue is causing snoring when people are past 50 years old. The problem is caused by the swelling of the tissues around the tongue and it needs to be corrected.

6) Some people say that sleeping on your side helps with snoring, but it’s actually a myth. A lot of doctors will tell you don’t do this, especially if you have a heart or breathing problem. It’s better for you to sleep on your back during this time period instead because that’s medically proven to help stop snoring and reduce blood pressure at the same time. Sleep specialists will also tell you that sleeping on your stomach is better for helping stop snoring in people over 50 years old, too.

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